Yummy World: Party at Picnic Palace Card Game

Phil Walker-Harding

Publisher: Wizkids

Awwww isn’t this cute. Don’t let the cupcakes fool ya!

I found this gem on a bargain-bin sale by Miniature Market. The designer’s name caught my eye, as was the title of the game. I was in the market for a kid’s game for Christmas and what better game to take a gamble on than a game by Walker-Harding. Most certainly, he has made a name for himself in the past five years. My earliest recollection of playing his game was a simple card game called archaeology. It was an ok game for me, but relatively well-received from the gaming crowd. Following that, Walker-Harding came out with hits such as Sushi Go!, Imhotep, Cacao and more recently, Barenpark. All pretty big hits. So, what is this designer doing with such a silly-sounding game?

First, this is a kids game, sort of. It is a variant of Sushi Go! set collection. The more cards of a set you collect, the more points. Something along the lines of Bohnanza as well. The difference is, how the cards are drafted. In Sushi Go!, cards are drafted by being passed around the table ala 7 Wonders. Here, cards are placed on a table in a row and players flip cards. I honestly like this better than the circle draft. There is no doubt what is on display and what you want or can take. With the circle draft, to perform optimally, you would have to remember which cards have passed through your hands and which can come around again. I really dislike that particular memory aspect of the draft. No such issue here with Yummy World. Beyond that, you are allowed to either flip a card or collect a row of cards. You can collect thrice per round and each game lasts three rounds. You then tally up all the points in the end. The usual suspects for scoring are all there for these types of drafting, set collection game: Pauly Pickle allows you pick a card of choice from the line up, Sprinkles only scores the majority at the end of 3 rounds. It certainly feels like an easier version of Sushi Go! even though the drafting is different, but the resemblance is unmistakable.

My five year can easily pick up the game. She can grasp the general concepts even though her ability to play defensively is still not there. She will sometimes flip a row of cards that are already desirable. Also, Sprinkles for her is just irresistible! The cartoon drawings are cute, but feels a bit amateurish. The title is silly, but it will capture your attention. Otherwise, I’d consider Yummy World on par with Sushi Go! Just depends which type of draft you like better.

Let’s see how long Yummy World will hold my kid’s attention.


5 years 2 months: This game is not up her radar as much. There is not much in terms of decision making but she is not selecting this game often. I am not quite sure why. However, I will try and prompt her to go for this game more.

Initial impressions: Average (family); Good (kids)

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