Beep! Beep!

Reinhard Staupe

Publisher: Valley Games

I wonder if this game is all about roadkill….(Photo credit: Marble911@BGG)

Dexterity games and memory games are great for bridging the age disparity in family gaming. Designed carefully, these games can be fun for adults, children and even toddlers alike. Kids tend to be more dexterous than adults in some aspects and certainly have incredible memory. Some designers have taken great pains to take that into account when designing games fun for all age groups. Is Beep! Beep! part of this group?

As a dexterity game, Beep! Beep! is aimed more at kids than adults, but adults will also find it entertaining in small doses. Players fight or race to place cards in their own piles to score points. Each player has two piles of cards with each card showing an animal with a specific color. Players then race to pick up cards of same animal or color from a central pool of cards which is divided into 5 decks. Placing cards in either personal score pile is fine except that in a Knizia like twist, only the smaller of two piles will score points at the end of the game. As the game progresses, players also have the opportunity to halt the game and score bonus points. When three of the five central decks either spot the same animal or color, players can hit the squeaky car placed in the middle to stop the game. The person who hits the car then gets to collect two bonus cards from any deck. More importantly, this stoppage resets the game and helps players to catch a breather. The game ends when two of the piles are completed and players count up all the points.

Again, the game is fun in small doses and certainly more suitable with younger kids. I would say Beep! Beep! shares a passing resemblance to Jungle Speed in which players race to complete pattern recognition by matching symbols and colors. Kids younger than 5 do have a slight disadvantage in their locomotor function, but their hand eye coordination might also be better than some adults. The game is good for a few laughs and at the current price, it is absolutely worthwhile to pick up a copy. Reinhard Staupe is recognizable Euro designer and his name does lend some credibility to the design. I think it is overall a decent game at all age groups and a fun family design.

Initial impressions: Good (Family); Good (Kids)

Kids Corner

4 years 11 months: My kid started playing the game when she turned 5. She can fully comprehend the game and is able to score points correctly. She understands that scoring between two piles needs to be balanced but when things get hectic, she does forget. She also suffers a small handicap for her shorter reach and her slower locomotor response when playing with adults. She also rarely hits the car to collect bonus points because I think she does not multi task well and cannot divide her attention. Adults also fail in that task too sometimes. Overall, this game works fine with her and is fun for the family as a whole.

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