Hartmut Kommerall

Publisher: Schmidt Spiele

Home made box cover for Finito!

Finito is another dice game in the obscure EasyPlay series by Schmidt Spiele. As with other games in the series, I grew obsessed at hunting them down. Since they were never published outside of Germany, it was tough getting a copy of the game. In the meantime, I decided to make DIY copies and played them occasionally over the years. However, these orphaned games were kept in random boxes until recently when I repurposed the EXIT escape room boxes to house my EasyPlay games. I figured it was time to review the games in the series and as luck would have it, BoardGameTables will be retheming and reprinting the game with a new title “GPS” . Finito will be the second game in the series which is slated for a reprint, starting with Big Points which was already Kickstarted.

Finito has a simple premise: Roll one die and place/move one chip on your board. If it sounds like Bingo, I don’t blame you. In way, Finito does embody the spirit of Bingo in its simplicity, but there is where the similarity ends as Finito is definitely move involved than Bingo. So rest assured, I am not equating Finito with Bingo. The game plays up to 4, but really, there is no limit to the number of players. You just need to find enough boards and chips for each player.

The game starts with each player having 12 chips of their favorite color, numbered from 1-12. Each player board has 36 spots to place chips with numbers ranging from 1-20. However, except for the last two digits in the beginning and at the end (1,2, 19, 20) each number has two slots. At the beginning of the game, all the discs are shuffled and 3 are turned faced up for player. A 20-sided dice is rolled and players place a chip on the corresponding numbered slot. If the slot is occupied, players can select adjacent open slots to place their chips. Then another chip is turned face up. If all the chips have been placed, players then can start shifting chips from their board to fill slots using the same rule set. The first player to fill all the slots in numerical order wins the game. Importantly, players disregards any gaps between the chips as well as where the chips are placed on the board. So a “1” chip doesn’t have to fill the “One” slot printed on the board. So long as the numbers on the chips are aligned numerically from 1 to-12 on the board, you win! The game is that simple and as to be expected, plays really quick.

Finito probably rewards strategic play but honestly, the “probably” stems from the fact that I still haven’t grasp the general strategy for the game. Obviously, getting lucky rolls are important but it seems there are specific strategies to optimally place chips in such a manner that if a number is rolled and the spot is taken, then one can easily slide the chips to adjacent spots. There is probably also an optimal way of placing the initial chips when they are flipped and also a good way to move chips on the board. In short, this is all to say that I haven’t quite figured out the game just yet and how to actually play well.

However, what is unmistakable for me is that the game is pretty fun…. and mindless in a good way. Yes, there are shades of Bingo, but the turns are super quick and the game has really no pauses as each player grabs the die and roll. As soon as you place a chip, the next number comes up and over and over until a winner is crowned. This is probably what I like best for a filler. Enough meat on the bones to satisfy your average gamer but not so much meat that you can’t finish it off in one a few bites.

Initial impressions: Good

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