Designer: Hartmut Kommerell

Artist: N/A

Publisher: Schmidt Spiele

This is one of the games in the now defunct Schmidt Spiele Easy Play series. I used to obsess about games in this series and managed to implement my own versions for most all of them. Many of these games have since been rethemed or reimplemented, and Finito appears to have been rethemed as GPS.

The game is a simultaneous multiplayer solitaire effort for up to 4 players. It is a race to see who can assemble 12 tokens with printed values of 1 to 12 on an individual board in ascending order. Printed on the individual board are also numbered slots where the tokens can be placed. In all, there are x slots, with values ranging from 1-20 arranged in ascending order, with some numbers occurring in duplicates.

Each round, a d20 – 20 sided die for those of you not in the know – is rolled and each player selects one of the three face up tokens to be placed on the corresponding number on the main board. If that slot is already occupied, players must place the token on the next available slot that is higher or lower than the rolled value. The player than refresh by flipping over another token so that they always have 3 to choose from for the next round.

Now the ideal scenario would be that after the twelfth die roll, the tokens are immediately arranged in ascending order from 1 to 12. You would then win out right. More likely though, the tokens are partially ordered on the board with some pieces needed to be swapped, or relocated to complete the sequence. This is what happens on subsequent die rolls: you pick up a piece on the board and relocate it to reorganize the sequence. It matters not the gap between each token, so long as they are in ascending order. The first to complete the sequence yells out “Finito” and wins the game.

I think of Finito in the same way as I think of Take it Easy, Karuba or other bingo like games where a number is yelled out and everyone is busy doing their own thing. For these games to shine, they need to be quick and easy to grasp. If the instructions are printed on more than a double-sided sheet, then it’s likely too long. Fortunately, Finito checked all of these boxes and is a satisfying 10 minute filler at the end of any evening.

Final word: Good

Kids Corner

7 years 9 months: A quick filler that is quickly picked up. Due to luck factor, the game is competitive between all players, regardless of age group. I think this game can go lower and a 5-6 year old can pick this up. Unfortunately, the game is now tough to find. Thankfully, if you want to play this game, it is not hard to just fashion your own. Should take you a couple minutes to just cut up a few pieces or find some numbered tokens to play.

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