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People very often ask me “what is your favorite game?” and the answer for me is that there is no such thing as a favorite game. A game for me is nothing absolute. A game lives through the people who play it. Therefore, my favorite game depends upon which group of people I’m with, and what we prefer. For instance, I’d play different games with my parents than with a group of friends. With my parents I play a lot of traditional German card games. I have one friend from school with whom I play nothing but Speed Chess and it’s only with him that I play Speed Chess because it works for us, and it’s just enjoyable. What’s enjoyable for me is the time spent with other people — different people create different atmospheres. You need the right game for the right occasion.


The City

Tom Lehmann Publisher: Amigo/Eagle Games The City came out nearly 10 years ago by Amigo in a non-English edition. I had my eye on it then but never obtained a copy because of all the hassle. I have played and admired Race for the Galaxy but never officially joined the fandom. I knew it was […]


Antoine Bauza Publisher: Bombyx When Takenoko first came out, it was greeted with some fanfare. What I heard was mostly lavish praise for the production quality and also the graphics. The game features a cute panda mini and a gardener that moves around a tiled, modular garden tending to what they do best: eating bamboo […]

Puerto Rico

Andreas Seyfarth Publisher: Rio Grande Games Ah, Puerto Rico. There have been hundreds of reviews and dozens of strategy articles written about the game. There is little I can contribute to writing a review of Puerto Rico and so I will try to circumvent the rules as much as possible. Still, I wanted to pen […]

The Boss

Alain Ollier Publisher: Blackrock Games The first time I played The Boss at a friend’s place, I was pretty impressed. I really didn’t expect much from such a small, unimpressive looking game. But boy was I surprised. At that point in time, I was already a veteran gamer with plenty of games under my belt […]

There and back again: my journey with the trick-taking mechanism

I started off this article hoping to write my impressions on Tichu but ended up with a brief history of my journey with trick-taking games. I have split up the article and you can visit my thoughts on Tichu here. My relationship with trick-taking games has gone through extremes: It starts with ignorance, morphs into […]


Urs Hostettler Publisher: Fata Morgana / Abacusspiele The origins of Tichu is intriguing and very well-laid out in an article by Chris Wray and Mary Prasad. If you are a fan of the card game, it is worth the read. The story describes how Tichu was introduced to the Western world through the efforts of […]


Michael Schacht Publisher: Rio Grande Games Coloretto is probably one of the most-played filler in my collection. Last I checked, I have played at least 30+ games which I logged in recent years. Before I started logging games on BGG, I probably had a lot more plays. Well, the constant usage really shows in my […]

The Fox in the Forest

Joshua Buergel Publisher: Foxtrot Games The Fox in the Forest (Fox) recently received a 2020 recommendation from the Spiel des Jahres jury. It’s a noteworthy recommendation as the endorsement will mean more attention for the game. As we are going through a trick-taking renaissance recently, Fox was on my radar long before the jury made […]

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