Top 5 games I regret selling

I have sold or traded more games than I own: roughly 500 games at the time of this writing. I crossed that threshold recently and I hope the trend continues as I try to whittle down my collection….slowly. Most of the games I have removed from my collection are duplicate games, games purchased on sale (thanks you Barnes and Noble $2 sale), games that I got tired of playing or simply didn’t feel like keeping them around. I have also culled my collection for a major overseas move. I tried my best to be objective about which games I want to get rid off but sometimes, I make sale or trade that I come to regret. Generally, these are games I just haven’t fully explored prior to selling. To be fair to myself, the majority of the games I traded or sold likely won’t ever be played again and I am quite happy with my decisions. Some of the games, I wished I had time to log a few more plays before getting rid of them, but by and large, most of these games will be much better off in someone else’s collection. Some, I traded because I wanted to cull my collection and some, I knew would probably be played once every 20 years. It’s interesting to reflect on these games because over time, the specific details of the game become fuzzy, but that general feeling of whether I like a game or not, remains. I cannot tell you why I liked it, or why I got rid of it, but I can tell you the general feeling I have for a game. It is quite subjective and likely filled with a huge chunk of nostalgia….which probably makes this list somewhat unreliable. Nonetheless, these are my top 5 regrets.

1. Around the World in 80 days

(Photo credits: Alex Zhang@BGG)

This is the game that will always be on the top of my list. I obtained a ding and dent copy from Jay at Rio Grande Games a long time ago and sold it shortly after for $18. It’s since been out of print. I foolishly let this one go without even playing. I still remember where the trade happened, right behind the parking lot of Games Empire at Pasadena. Since then, I am still searching high and low for this game, trying to snag a copy to fill the regret and emptiness that came with the sale of the game. When the game first came out, there was very little fanfare and hype. It was really just the beginning of Euros arriving in the US market and primarily from Rio Grande games. Over the years, the game has gotten quite a bit of love from my Geekbuddies on BGG and I have since come to realize that I would probably enjoy it too. Alas, it’s too late now as the game is now long out of print. Where can I find a copy?

2. Navegador

(Photo credits: Peter Dorsam@BGG)

I really didn’t have that many rondel games when I sold off Navegador after a single play. The game was decent but I think I was also partially influenced by the largely negative impressions from friends after the game. In truth, I probably felt neutral toward the game but wouldn’t have minded keeping it around a little longer. I have since appreciated rondels a lot more after multiple exposures to Gerdt’s designs. Concordia Venus is certainly a delight as are Princes of Machu Pichu. Plus I really enjoy the economic aspect of Navegador and the outstanding theme. I have a sneaky feeling that replaying Navegador may change my mind about the game and make it a keeper.

3. Homesteaders

(Photo credits: Nathan Morse @BGG)

I purchased a copy of the first edition a while back with all the moldy bits and mismatched printing. I got a few replacement parts but the game sat unloved for a little while. When I eventually brought it out, it was fun. So, selling or trading the game ended up being a mistake as I have always wanted to revisit the game. In fact, I remembered having a go with 2p which ended up also being pretty decent. The game is a straightforward auction with resource conversion which felt clean. Nothing fancy. Funny enough, I don’t quite recall entirely why or how I loved the game in great detail, but enough to have an urge to reacquire the game even though I cannot exactly pinpoint why. I was thrilled when an anniversary reprint was published but lord, is it expensive. The game for what it is, the price tag is simply too high. I guess I should hunt for a moldy first (or second) edition instead.

4. Gonzaga

(Photo credits: …___…@BGG)

The 4th game on this list was previously occupied by Mission Red Planet. This was Faidutti’s best creation in my mind. Better than Citadels and more fun. Since I recently reacquired a first edition copy of the game, Gonzaga has slid up the list. Gonzaga was in the bargain bin for a loooong time. In fact, I remembered it being featured on Tanga many many times around purchasing it for very cheap. I got two plays in and then traded it away. I knew the game had such a crazy unique mechanism of these interlocking rings and capturing cities. However, it wasn’t particularly well-rated. Still, I recalled having fun and also thought the mechanism was pretty novel and awesome. I eventually swapped this for Entdecker, another game which I liked but has since left my collection. I would like to play Gonzaga again even though I am not quite sure I need to reacquire the game.

5. Oregon

(Photo credits: a_traveler@BGG)

The Bergs of Rattus fame published this Euro. The game is again not particularly thematic or memorable but boy, the HiG fan of me wants it….again. I think automatically, all HiG games pop up on my radar. So Oregon again was played once or twice and then disposed off. I didn’t think twice but subsequent reviews from my geekbuddies have really made me regret my choice of getting rid of it. To be fair, I think this is more sellers remorse and the sheen could disappear if I play it again. The 6th entry of this list, Hanging Gardens, suffered the same exact fate as Oregon and I really would like to find a copy any play it again because there are just some games that you just feel you didn’t get it right the first time around.

The 6th game on the list

Hanging gardens (see #5 for all the reasons)

The Kramer that got away


The One which I regret letting go without knowing why


The one where I owned both editions sold both and regretted it


The One I regret selling even though I know I won’t ever play

Dungeon Command series

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