Designer: Peter Bals

Artist: Michael Schober

Publisher: HABA

Ahh, the title is Carrot Pinching, but Google translate labels it as “Carrot Claw” (Photo credit: Edward Kemp@BGG)

The game directly translate from German to English as “Carrot Claw”. Not quite sure about the Claw part of the title, but there certainly is a little of carrot pinching and eating. The game is probably the first co-op we have played since the First Orchard. It’s a good start for kids to start playing cooperatively to beat the system. In this case, the greedy little rabbit.

In Karottenklau, all players try to plant carrots, water the carrots and harvest carrots before the rabbit eats them up. This is a dice rolling game. So, each turn, players will roll a dice and do what the dice instructs. Primarily, one has to plant carrots in bright parts of the field that is furthest away from the rabbit. However, the rabbit will slowly make its way around the circular field until it reaches the bright side of the carrot patch. In the mean time, the planted carrots must be watered and moved over to the darker part of the field for harvest. At which time, if the dice gods are with you, then you can start harvesting the carrots.

If the rabbit catches up with your planting schedule, it will eat the carrots and if it eats 4 of the 7 carrots, players will lose. If you plant, water and harvest 4 carrots, every body wins. It is a race against time.

This is a kid’s game. There really is nothing here for adults. The game plays decent with younger kids but I suspect they will quickly graduate to something else.

Initial impression: Not for me (same with family gaming)

Kids Corner

4 years 5 months: As mentioned, this is a co-op game. Probably our first. I have to admit, there really isn’t any meaningful decisions to make in this game. The die will determine the outcome of the game because it is pretty obvious where to plant the carrots, which carrots to move (closest to the rabbit) and which to harvest (the one closest to the rabbit). The rabbit moving down a circular path means you can predict which carrot will be the most in danger to be eaten. So, that’s the one to act on first. Beyond that, the game really is a little dry and somewhat predictable. Still, for a 4 year old, there is some fun in moving the carrots around, so there will be some entertainment value.

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